Cooking Competition 2016

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Cooking Competition 2016

16 February 2016

Thank you for Bampton Scouts for hosting this year’s District Cooking competition and to Ben and his team for supporting this.

This year groups from Bampton and Tiverton St Pauls took part. The cooking was at a very high standard and tasted great! Both teams did really well and the judges (thank you judges) were very impressed with the standard and level of cooking.

Scouts from Tiverton who took part: Charlie, Harry, Louie and Kyra.

Scouts from Bampton who took part: Beth, Molly, Florence, Anna

Judges were: Margaret (the District Commissioner) and a Paul, a Chef from The Swan in Bampton

Well done to Bampton who were the overall winner and will be going onto the County competition at the end of February. Good luck!

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